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I’m so happy when I can hook some one in. Or rather when It hooks them in, (but i’m proud to be a tiny messenger.)  I would love to get you all in!  Its good also to go all in.

  I think I believed as a young person that being an artist meant you get a bunch of paint in a studio, and you go to work, crazily, for hours on end, and then you get recognized by a gallerist, and life will be perfect.  Surely, it is sort of like that, however, making good work isn’t the end,  and its not very easy to make ‘good’ work, even if you are trained and informed and inspired.  I have found that a tremendous amount of internal discipline and fortitude lets me command my present and puts me in a place where I can get closer to it.

This is my ode to yoga post. the wonderful third pillar waiting to sustain you.  if you listen to me long enough, i might get you too …