Alexander Kellum


    Alexander Kellum (b.1980) is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  He received his BA from the University of Chicago in 2003. He has recently received commissions for permanent art installations at the flagship Christian Dior stores in Seoul, Korea, and Hong Kong, China, curated by Peter Marino.  His work has also been featured in exhibitions at Da Wang Gallery in Shenzhen, The Arch Gallery in Brooklyn, and Lisa Dent Gallery in San Francisco.


    My recent work utilizes a technique I have developed over the past two years featuring non-traditional porcelain slip casting, textiles, and vapor deposition used for plating medical instruments and hardware. The work is a playful meditation on time, the intelligence of the artist, and the intelligent capabilities of the ceramic medium.  Attracted to porcelain’s versatile but brief open time, my work takes place when the clay body is most elastic.  A pliable clay body can be sculpted into sumptuous, organic forms very relevant to nature, and aesthetically gorgeous. The metallurgic coatings result in a miraculous luster, enhancing the poetry of the gesture and triggering the emotional awareness of the viewer.

Alex Kellum has working studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and mainland China.  Works are available by commission.



office: (872) 222-5391


Brooklyn Navy Yard

63 Flushing Ave, Building 30

Brooklyn, NY 11205