Alexander Kellum is a New York City based artist.  I do business as a decorative artist, as Alexander Kellum dba Atelier AK. Streams of income for an artist include, galleries, collectors, teaching, art installations, and decorative arts.

This fall it seems all i’ve been doing is gold leafing. Up until Christmas , we spent months with Boyd Reath gold leafing at the Plaza . Since then we’ve been gold leafing in Cresskill, NJ, and the Far Rockaways.

There are so many great artists all across New York teaming up to work together on these projects. It’s impossible to know them all and I am always surprised when I look at New York Magazine and see their ‘Best of’ New York section listing some artisan I have never run across.  In my experience , the best decorative artists in NY are Boyd Reath , Mason Nye Murals, Vicki Khuzami, and of course Alexander Kellum, of Atelier AK. :)