Follow-Up Sundance Feelings May 2015

I love Sundance, but I can't go back there . . . I can't go back there without a project.  My recent experience in China gave me all the pulp I needed to write a script, and submit it to the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab.  


Alex is a Brooklyn based artist that is entering into an exciting phase of his career making fine art installations in the form of porcelain ceramic relief sculptures.  He has found a charming ceramics village in Jingdezhen, China where he can effectively produce his large scale installations, as the village has a long heritage of ceramic tradition, and a workforce dedicated to the intricacies of porcelain production.  Throughout his several trips to China he has developed a close working relationship with Ping, his translator, ceramics consultant, and project manager.  She is a petite, but feisty task master, with a boisterous personality.  Approaching 30 and single, the societal pressure of marriage starts to take a toll on Ping, and her parents, aunts & uncles arrange countless blind dates to get her engaged.  They settle on an Army Captain who happens to be the captain of Ping’s cousins company.  Her family is more enthralled with what they deem a mutually beneficial pairing, than the quality of Ping’s future husband.  Seeing this, Ping takes matters into her own hands and invites Alex over for dinner.